Why eating fat-free food is actually a dumb decision?


Why eating fat-free food is actually a dumb decision?

  • Martin
  • 23/05/2017
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Now is the age of fat traps, and that’s exactly why you should be pretty careful of not falling into one. Many of you jump the gun when you see a “low fat” label on a food package, thinking that it’s totally okay to gorge on this. But, sometimes, you may erroneously fill your shopping cart with a lot of food items having labels proclaiming them to have reduced-, low-, or zero-fat content. If you haven’t read Nina Teicholz’s The Big Fat Surprise, then you’re seriously missing out on a healthy dose of how you can make your diet really nutritious. Grab your copy if you haven’t.


We stumbled upon a recent study to back our claim, and here are the findings

A recent study published in the UK states that 10 percent of diet comestibles have either the same calories or even more than what’s there in regular food items. So while munching that “lite” food happily, you’re basically consuming the same amount of calories as you would’ve done had you eaten normal stuff. But why’s that? Let’s find out.


Why is a “fat-free” food item rich in calories?

As per the study, a zero-fat food cuts down on a lot of fat. So if you cut down on fat, you make the food bland. Now, to cover up the blandness part, the food manufacturers add a lot of sugar, salt, and tons of other additives. All these add-ons make the food get back its flavor, which was lost with fats. Also, the research work even states that when overweight people consume fat-free food, they end up consuming a lot more calories.


Now, here’s why eating fat-free food items isn’t good for health?

Taking low-fat diets can easily raise your body’s triglycerides

If your blood has an elevated level of triglycerides, your body may get predisposed to get cardiovascular diseases. The increased level of triglycerides in your blood may also point to the fact that you may have metabolic syndrome, Plus, high levels of triglycerides will always lead to a number of other conditions, such as type II diabetes and obesity.


Having a low-fat diet will always discourage you to consume healthful food items

Animal food is rich in fat, and it’s even good for your health. However, you’ll have to focus on getting animal food products that are optimally raised and well-bred. Those who consume low-fat diet discourages people to actually take animal food that’s rich in cholesterol and saturated fats.

So these are the prime factors that actually make the habit of eating low-fat food bad. So did you like what you’ve read? If so, share this post with others and spread the word.




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