Please Pass the Steak


Please Pass the Steak

  • Martin
  • 22/06/2017
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I’ve learned the hard way that overeating is not that hard to do. I’ve navigated different diets and tried to figure out best choices. One of my most significant decisions came in middle school when I chose to be a vegetarian. I was hungry a lot, so I ate a lot of greens and a ton of pasta. Then, I made the choice to modify that vegetarianism to include chicken and fish. I loved these two, ate them every day, and I still love them.


But thankfully, I somehow came to my senses and added red meat back into my diet in the not-too-distant past. Steak, pork, bacon. I’m especially fond of those who grow it organically and even grass-fed, but I’m a meat lover, no matter how you slice it.


So you must understand that I was overjoyed to receive an in-depth understanding of how the best way that I can consume the good fats that we all need in our diet is by eating animal foods. The title of Nina Teicholz’ book says it all – The Big Fat Surprise: Why Butter, Meat & Cheese Belong in a Healthy Diet. Reading the book gave me a lot of insight, and it also made me wonder why I dropped meat from my food repertoire all those years ago.


Why meat, you ask? Animal products are way more nutrient dense than plants. (I’m not saying don’t eat vegetables, by the way, but rather – you need meat WITH your vegetables.) The protein and fat in animal meats are more satiating than the carbs we eat with them, so it’s less likely that we’ll overeat because we feel full! Thank goodness, considering I was once so good at overeating. Now, it all makes sense. These are points that Teicholz shares in her book, along with the fact that historically, there used to be much more red meat, cheese, butter, and lard used in meals and cooking – far before the disease of the heart and diabetes were so prevalent. One hundred years ago, we were eating higher quantities of all of these, and only when we started replacing them with vegetarianism, low-fat options, and sugar-loaded carbs did that rate of heart disease and other epidemics, like obesity, increase.


The next time you eat, of course you can have those leafy greens, but don’t forget to ask them to pass the steak. Animal products are the best source for you to get the natural fat and nutrients that you need for your body to feel full, happy, and healthy.



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