Looking at Habit-Kicking in a New Way


Looking at Habit-Kicking in a New Way

  • Martin
  • 19/07/2017
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I read an article in the Washington Post recently that was focused on spring cleaning. Ten different authors each wrote an article nominating something that we were all better off with. The content was great, and the idea of it was even greater. What if we looked at ways to spring clean our bad habits? To clean out the things that were unnecessary, holding us back, or preventing us from living in the most productive way. Habits are hard to break – it’s true. So, I’ve taken on this mindset of cleaning house on the things that I am better off with. Cleaning is something that calms me, so it’s a much better mentality to take that telling myself I’ll kick that habit tomorrow. And then tomorrow gets here, and I pick tomorrow to start again. And again. Here were my top three favorite ideas the authors suggested we would be better off eliminating:


Healthy Substitutes. Nina Teicholz, author of The Big Fat Surprise, writes about the nutrients we have been missing out on in good, fatty foods – like egg yolks and red meat. While we’ve all been told to take to low-fat and fat-free foods, seems it’s been a farce. We’re missing out on nutrients and loading up on sugar. Sugar, which is as addictive as cocaine, if not more, is a drug we should be laying off of. So, I’ll be getting on this boat to say sayonara to the fat-free and low-fat foods that are pumped full of who-knows-what that isn’t real food. You can hear more about why you should not fear red meat in her CNN interview with Dr. Sanjay Gupta. Go, real food, you’re the real MVP.


Unconscious Bias. Kara Swisher, a tech journalist, wrote about removing the excuse of bias – that basically allows us to have snap judgments whenever we want. She speaks specifically to the tech industry and how the term unconscious bias was given scientific meaning in that we’re all “beasts at heart,” but also terms it as an excuse, giving way to our laziness and unwillingness to properly educate or train our employees. But I say, equally as important, this is important to train our brains and take our own responsibility for it. See ya later, bias. You’re a controlled reaction, so I will control you away, and make way for better thinking and perspective.


Wedding Registries. Author Caitlin Flanagan writes about how registries even came into play in the first place and the racked-up list of items that maybe couples want, maybe they need, or maybe they’re just trying to fill a quota. I’ve never seen it written about, but have always thought registries have been a little silly. Particularly when I see friends who have been married once, twice, or three times receiving the same things over and over – or other friends, with longer-tenured marriages, who have never once taken out the fine china settings that I purchased off their registry 15 years ago. This may be something I just have to deal with, but I’m trying to make a commitment to myself to say goodbye to those registries and manufacture either a creative, meaningful gift or find the most useful thing the happy couple will actually need.


These are fun ways to spring clean, no matter what season it is. Enjoy picking some soothing cleaning patterns of your own.



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