The Danger of Vegetable Oils


The Danger of Vegetable Oils

  • Martin
  • 21/06/2017
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If you cook, there’s a good chance that you have either cooked with vegetable oil in the past or you still do so on a regular basis. More than likely, the restaurants at which you eat cook with vegetable oil, too. I used to cook with vegetable oils all the time. In fact, the cheaper, the better. It didn’t seem to make much sense to spend money on something that was just coating the bottom of my pan to cook or throwing into my muffin mix.


I was one of those folks that worked out and thought that I was eating right, as well, but didn’t realize, until just a few years ago, that abs are made in the kitchen and sculpted in the gym. It was then that I became more in tune with what I was putting in my body. I learned about the low-carb high fat diet, Weston Price, Paleo, and others like it. With that knowledge, my nutritional horizon was expanded. I learned that I should probably stray from grains, coconut and avocado oils were better to cook with, and calories in don’t equal calories out.


I happened upon books like Wheat Belly, Grain Brain, and Big Fat Surprise.


These deterred me from pastas, breads, and the like. Importantly, they also made me realize the dangers of food that I either never paid attention to or thought were supposed to be healthy.


Of the vegetable oils, canola was the one I most prominently used. In Big Fat Surprise, a scientific, investigative book written by Nina Teicholz, she introduced this fact to me which still seems a bit startling: In the year 1900, vegetable oils didn’t even exist. Present date, the oils are approximately 8% of all the calories we eat. It is a factory-made product that goes through a gnarly process, which she explains in greater detail in her works and book. It certainly made me never want to consume it again.


While it’s not something that’s been widely known for a long time, the conversation is continuing to gain traction that vegetable oils, which often have been known to replace trans fats are actually more dangerous than those trans fats.


So that you, too, can be informed, canola oils and its colleagues, like rapeseed oil, soybean oil, and peanut oil, among others have been associated with health problems for a long time – cancer being predominant in the mix. When these oils are heated, they can cause inflammation and gastric damage. Vegetable oils are being used frequently at fast foodie spots, as they aimed to avoid the oils with trans fat. Truth is – these oils are worse.


Since my shift in mindset about the foods I’ve been eating to live a healthier life, the articles and books I’ve read have opened my mind to new facts and research that’s been done. There is certainly more information in those than the danger of vegetable oil, but if you are looking to start doing something that is a very easy way to improving what you’re putting in your body, switching the oils you’re consuming is a simple and effective way to get started. My personal favorites are coconut oil and avocado oil, but there are more from which you can choose. Empty your pantry of vegetable oil, in all of its factory-generated, processed glory. It’s better off left on the shelves.



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