Create Your Own Health Insurance


Create Your Own Health Insurance

  • Martin
  • 18/07/2017
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People are an interesting breed. We pour money into insurance for our phones, our cars, our homes, our pets – and probably many things I can’t even fathom insurance being available for – but ironically, we don’t think about ways that we can create organic insurance for ourselves.


I’m talking about health insurance. Not the kind you get from Blue Cross Blue Shield or United Healthcare, but a kind you can create on your own. If you’re not yet picking up what I’m putting down – I mean paying attention to what you’re doing to and putting into your bodies. What are you eating and how is it treating you?

Recently, I read a book called The Big Fat Surprise by Nina Teicholz, and it gave an incredible amount of data about the flaws of our current USDA Guidelines and the way we’ve been misled about food and what food we’re eating on a daily basis.


Can you imagine the changes that would take place if you paid closer attention to what you ate more like the way you pay attention to your phone, get a case for it, make sure you don’t drop it, never let it leave your hands?


Here’s another thought – do you plug your phone into a cardboard box? A plastic bin? No. You plug it into an energy source to charge it. Do you know what provides energy and nourishment for our bodies? Food (and sleep, but for the purposes of my current train of thought, let’s stick with food). So, why would you fill your body with processed, factory-generated food? As this article from the Wire, also referencing Nina Teicholz, discusses here, so much of the processed “food” we are putting into our bodies is leading to disease and illness at outrageous numbers. Digging a little deeper in this CNN interview with Sanjay Gupta and Nina Teicholz, she speaks about the things that we thought were bad for us, like red meat, are actually the foods that will fuel us.


There are complaints, debates, and outrage every day regarding the ridiculousness of healthcare, its costs and more. To be clear, I am not inferring that healthcare and insurance should not exist. I absolutely think that healthcare is necessary and important. I’m merely suggesting that provide more care for ourselves and understand that maybe eating “Froot” Loops (probably not spelled, “fruit,” for a reason) or “low-fat” biscuits may not be the way to health. It’s my hope that we’ll care for our bodies with the same meticulous care we give to our phones (unless you’re one who has a constantly cracked screen – then use another comparison), in ways that we can control – the food choices we make every day. In doing that, it’s my belief that we can provide ourselves with our own organically-grown insurance of improving our health and avoiding disease. We deserve to ensure our lives with our own energy insurance, fueled by wisely chosen foods.



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